While there are may obvious mistakes you can make regarding your household plumbing, there are other seemingly innocent things you can do around your home that can end up causing extensive damage to your septic system. Be sure to steer clear of these common mistakes that can lead to major plumbing emergencies.

Leaving the water on during plumbing repairs

The biggest mistake you can make while performing plumbing repairs is leaving your water on. Make sure to switch off the main shutoff valve where water enters your home before attempting any repairs, or close off the localized valve that’s found near the sink or toilet you’re working on. Failure to stop the water supply can result in a huge mess when water comes gushing out at full pressure from whatever pipe you loosen.

Flushing trash down the toilet

While your toilet can seem like a convenient alternative to your garbage can, you should never flush anything down the toilet besides toilet paper and human waste. Flushing anything else down the drain can quickly clog your pipes, and potentially cause your toilet to overflow, causing a nasty and potentially hazardous mess.

Putting grease into the sink drain

Cleaning up bacon or any other grease can be annoying, and washing it down the drain can seem like an easy solution. Unfortunately, it’s a really bad idea. Washing any fat or grease down the drain can cause major clogs that may force you to call a plumber.

Refusing to ask for help

There are many people that are stubborn, and will exhaust all options before asking for help. That delay combined with unskilled attempts to fix an issue can often just make things worse. Sometimes you just need to admit you can’t handle a job on your own and call in a professional. Plumbing work can be tricky, and even jobs that seem really simple can end up causing serious complications. If you need help on any plumbing issues big or small, be sure to contact a plumbing professional today.