There are certain small plumbing problems you can handle on your own, and then there are the issues that should only be tackled by a plumbing professional. Here are some common signs you should call a plumber instead of attempting DIY repairs:

The faucet won’t stop drippingsigns-you-should-call-a-plumber

Most people put up with a leaky faucet at some point, as it’s not causing any damage. Or is it? An EPA study has found that a faucet that leaks one drip per second can waste as much as 3,000 gallons of water a year, and increase your water bill by 10 percent. Even worse, a leaky faucet could be a sign that you have a bigger, hidden plumbing issues. If you’ve tried to fix a leak yourself without success, stop wasting all that water and cash, and call a plumber to fix it.


Your bathtub won’t drain

If you notice a clog developing in your drain, you should clean it out right away. Not only will the clog get bigger and worse over time, you may end up with . A professional plumber can easily clear the obstruction and make sure there isn’t a bigger problem lurking underneath. By addressing problems like this right away, you will save yourself the time, aggravation, and additional money it will cost you down the line. Call a plumber when you first notice your tub is draining slowly, to avoid having the drain get totally clogged.

signs-you-should-call-a-plumberThe toilet stays clogged no matter how much you plunge it

If your toilet is clogged and a plunger isn’t doing the trick, you may have a plumbing emergency on your hands. A toilet that can’t be cleared with a plunger may mean you have a sewage line issue, which is impossible to fix with just a plunger. Rather than risk doing additional damage by trying to break up the clog on your own, call a plumber that has the tools and expertise to immediately get your toilet working properly again.

Rootbeer of the month and shower head 012Your water pressure isn’t what it used to be

Low or inconsistent water pressure throughout your home can actually be a warning sign of a bigger problem. Issues with a faucet or two may just be a sign of mineral buildup in the fixtures, which can be easily cleaned. If you’re experiencing water flow issues throughout your home, however, there may be a problem with the water supply line. A professional plumber will be able to diagnose and fix the problem to get your water pressure back to normal.

Puddles of water are appearingkitchen-sink-leaking-on-best-kitchen (1)

If you find a puddle of water under your sink or on the floor and haven’t spilled anything recently, the likely culprit is a leak in your plumbing. When you notice a leak, it’s important to identify the source of the leak as soon as possible, then cut off the water supply to the leaking pipe or fixture until you’re able to get it fixed. If you can’t find the source of the leak, be sure to cut off your home’s water supply using the main shut-off valve. Use some joint fillers or leak tape to get the problem under control, then call a plumber to make sure there aren’t any additional underlying issues.

mold-on-ceilingMold is growing inside your home

Mold in your home is a sign that you may need to repair or replace some pipes. Mold growth is often due to leaky pipes within your walls, especially if it’s on your walls or ceiling. Mold is especially important to deal with right away and have it handled by professionals, as not only can it cause extensive damage to your home, it can also be hazardous to your health. Even if you don’t see any mold growing in your home, keep an eye out for wet pieces of wall or ceiling, as these are often early warning signs that you have a pipe leaking within your walls. If you notice any of these issues, call a plumber right away.

sink-explodingwith-plumberYou don’t call a plumber for help when you’re stuck

This list includes a few common plumbing repairs homeowners try to tackle on their own, but often end up causing more harm than good. While DIY repairs may provide temporary solutions, they can often cause bigger and more costly issues down the line. If you’re experiencing any of these problems, do yourself a favor and call a plumber before a small issue turns into a plumbing emergency. Check out our directory to find a licensed plumbing professional near you!